125. Dr. Nell Smircina's Approach to Acupuncture and Integrative Health

Some of you might be holding off on finding the best practitioner or team to give you the health support you need… but it is essential in order for any high performer to stay on top of their game.

Dr. Nell Smircina is the founder of PIQUE Health in Beverly Hills, and I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Nell in her business and helping her grow. She specializes in post-surgical recovery and men’s health, but works with patients who truly want to optimize health within their high-performing lifestyles.

I wanted to share how Dr. Nell focuses on her clients with her acupuncture practice alongside integrative health in order to give them the best lifestyle they are looking for. Health isn’t a one-size-fits-all model, which is why I love integrative health as an approach. She teaches you how to take a holistic approach to medicine that works from the inside out and the outside in.


How to Take an Integrative Approach to Your Health

  • Acupuncture is not as scary as it seems. You could fit 20 acupuncture needles into one hypodermic needle.
  • Acupuncture is the perfect adaptogenic medicine. Adaptogens help your body manage stress that it’s under. This is why it can help with so many different things.
  • Personalization is an important part of an integrative approach: There are suggestions for nutritional approaches, wake up/wind down routines, supplements and herbal medicine, and bodywork modalities.
  • Incorporate “movement snacks” into your day: Set an alarm for every hour to move, and give yourself some time to move and step away from technology. It has to be in your schedule.
  • You have to get over your unhealthy addiction to efficiency. Just because you can do a task faster does not mean that you have to do it all yourself.

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