124. Clevr Leadership Talk with Jackie Serviss

Back in April, Jackie Serviss and I did a leadership talk series to support leaders across all fields in navigating uncertainty and running a business during a pandemic. We’re bringing these talks back starting October 21st and will continue to do monthly talks to support you in your businesses. We’re calling these Resilient Together, and you can join us by going to clevrservices.com/network.

In this conversation, we talk about how to tackle uncertainty because we know so many people are still in the middle of it.

How to Manage Uncertainty

  • Uncertainty is interpreted as stress in the body. When we are under high stress, we tend to lean to one of three categories: A controlling reactionary space, a compliance reactionary space, and a protective stance.
  • Work/life integration is key, but many of us have been forced to integrate our work and home space without warning. We’re all going through our own challenges, and there need to be conversations around how that looks to help manage uncertainty.
  • Come up with a method to connect to yourself and refuel. Kareen’s morning routine involves meditation, journaling, eating the right food, and working out, and this sets her up for success the rest of the day.
  • Start finding out what you need to prioritize. Getting things done will give you a sense of achievement, and prioritizing ensures that you’re getting the right things done.
  • If large checklists keep you up at night, just make shorter checklists. 


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