123. What's Your Career Strategy? | with Emily Eliza Moyer

Don’t we all wish we could be doing the work we love? Emily Eliza Moyer is an intuitive career strategist and healer focused on helping ambitious women overcome limiting beliefs, uncover their purpose, and craft strategic career plans so they can build careers they absolutely love. She previously served as the head of sales and marketing for a travel startup, and then 2020 happened. She was forced to think about the kind of work she really wanted to do, and that’s what she’s doing now.

She hyper focuses on helping you find your purpose and then aligning a career strategy in order to build it for yourself. Not only is Emily on her own startup journey, she’s trying to find the most powerful ways to help you go after your own career transformation.

How to Create a Career You Love

  • Don’t completely hate on your full time job. You’re being paid to learn what you want and don’t want out of a career.
  • Once you begin to realize what you’re really good at and what you like doing, you need to design a system that combines both of those things.
  • Before starting on the path of creating your own career, you need to start doing the deep work of uncovering your limiting beliefs and allowing yourself to become clear on your vision.
  • Pay attention to what it is you like and don’t like in every area of your life. Start to brainstorm on how you can do more of what you like and less of what you don’t, and how you can incorporate that into your career.

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