120. Coaching Session: Digital Branding Do's and Don'ts

In our last episode with Bhavna Dalal, she shared how she’s figuring out how to take her digital landscape and make sure that it aligns with her brand, her business, and her clients—and how to keep it all under control. This is something I’ve struggled with for years, and I still have a hard time delegating it to others.

Let’s dialogue on expanding your digital landscape, how to build your brand when you are your own business, how to attract your ideal client, and how to delegate while feeling empowered to lead your business.

How to Build Your Digital Landscape

  • When you launch your business or your service, you need to focus on the ideal client and the experience they need to have, whether corporate or individual.
  • When a customer stumbles upon your business, they need to understand what you are about, that you are credible, and that you align with their goals.
  • The first thing to ask when building out your digital landscape is: Who is it for? What questions would your ideal clients have? What do I need to show them to prove I’m credible? How do I get them to connect with me?
  • Do an audit of your digital landscape and how you show up on social media. Are you focusing on yourself, or inviting your ideal customers in?


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