118. Business Mindset for Service-Based Businesses

I’ve been working with several health and wellness practices lately and I’ve noticed a common thread that’s holding people back from building the wealth they want and deserve: When you come up through an education system that is all about the care for your clients and customers, you may not be exposed to what a business structure meant to drive in your ideal clients looks like. You may want to help everyone, but it can help to focus your efforts on who you can impact the most.

There is a difference between being an owner of your practice instead of just a service. Many founders of service-based businesses are brought up around the construct of service but don’t know how to focus on business building, market to their clients, and building an attraction layer that sustains them. You have permission to step out of service for a while and focus on your business. You just need a plan to take care of your clients while you step up into who you are meant to be.

How to Build Your Service Business

  • Remember: You don’t work for your business, you own it. You get to design it to fit what works best for you.
  • The role of owner in any business is to step into a leadership role that aligns with who you are and who you want to be every day.
  • When you know what role you want to play in your business, hire for the rest. Once you’re clear on who you need, hiring becomes easy.
  • Systemize your role in your business so that someone else can easily step into what you do and allow you to continue to grow and lead.

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