116. Accountability is everything

Sometimes when the seasons change, or you just realize you’ve been hyper-focused on one area of your life, you can start to feel really heavy, like you’re not enough. How do we move from believing we should be better to finding the methods that fill us up enough to do better?

You probably already know the things you could be doing, and that’s what makes it so easy to start judging yourself. I’m going through this myself. My brain is telling me what needs to happen but it’s difficult to take consistent action. Let’s look at how you can be more conscious with your self-care choices so that you can show up in all of the arenas of your life with ease.

How to Keep Yourself Accountable to Positive Change

  • When you’re “shoulding” all over yourself, instead ask yourself what you can add into your life that makes you more fulfilled and add in a layer of accountability to keep you focused and in check.
  • I needed to focus on my diet, and I launched an accountability group (not a coaching group, because I need help to) so that everyone in the community can keep each other on track.
  • Nothing is stopping you from creating the accountability you need in order to move the needle in your life. Find people who are likewise trying to do the same and you can all be in this together.
  • You are being held accountable—and holding others accountable—by just being present and stating what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Remember: Nobody in an accountability group should be carrying others. You are all there to support each other equally.

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