112. How to Build Deeper Connections


We are being inundated with virtual connections right now—Zoom calls, emails, and social media—and it feels as if we are losing the real value of connection. So, how do we focus on building deeper connections in a digital world?

Building meaningful connections is about quality over quantity—it takes time, whether digitally or in person, and you will want to build a framework for who you let into your life and how you cultivate that connection. Let’s walk through how to find the right people to go deep with and how to start building out that deep connection once you’ve found them.

How to build deeper connections

  • Create a value system and boundaries around who you let into your network to decide whether they are worth your time and effort to build a meaningful connection.
  • Get really clear on your value system. If you need support finding clarity, take my free Core Value Exercise.
  • Once you are clear on your own values, you need to ensure that those who you engage with are also aligned with those values.
  • You have to follow through on your end and show your values through the actions you take as you build a relationship. Leaning into your value system creates a deeper connection and helps you to discover if the other person meets your value system.
  • You can ask people questions based on the Core Value Exercise to find out what their values are.
  • If the answers you get are not aligned with who you are, it is okay to decide not to move forward pursuing a relationship with that person.

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