110. How Do You Authentically Scale Your Business?

What do you need to do to authentically scale your business? What does scaling even mean, and how do we dive into it?

In our last episode, Lindsey Schwartz had that exact question. She’s building an amazing brand and community and is currently on the cusp of some massive growth—but she needed help figuring out what that growth is going to look like and how to be intentional with it. Scaling a business requires introspection as the leader of that business to discover what you truly want. Let’s look at how you can scale your business in a way that feels authentic to you and your ideals.

How to Authentically Scale Your Business

  • First, you have to define what scaling means to you: What is your end vision? Live events, products, coaching, services? You have to cast that vision before you know what you’re striving to attain.
  • Second, ask yourself: Who do you need to be in order to scale that business and what is the role you want to play in that size of company?
  • Once you have those defined you can get out of your own way when achieving those goals and not feel so bogged down by jumping into tasks aren’t your responsibility anymore.
  • What are the steps to scale authentically? Check in with yourself first. Who do you need to be to achieve your goals?

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