Your Badass Journey Guest, Karen Huller

Karen Huller is one of my partners in crime and an epic badass. She manages the Epic Careering consulting and coaching practice, but her career took a lot of twists and turns before she got to this point.

“Let's just say that if you knew me in second grade, you wouldn't probably recognize me emotionally.” Karen’s parents were going through a divorce. It was painful, it hurt, and as a result, she was very shy. “I didn't really have a lot of expectations for the future, but I always had a lot of hopes and dreams.”

Looking forward to a hopeful future, Karen was continually testing herself emotionally and physically to see what she was made of, “and that led me to this excellent, totally enthralling journey of what are humans capable of.”

Karen’s Badass Career Journey

Karen knew she didn’t want to be in the corporate machine from a very young age.

Her dad worked for a big company, but when she was in ninth grade, that company forced him into early retirement. Her mom had to find a way to support herself and she wound up working for a family-owned business in the area. It started very small but grew to many locations through her tenure. However, it seemed like she didn't reap the benefits of her loyalty to them or for her hard work.

“She came home with a lot of stories about drama and unfairness. And that's what I got about corporate jobs.”

At the same time, Karen didn’t see being an entrepreneur as an option because it was never modeled for her, which resulted in her jumping career aspirations from psychologist to journalist to the female Howard Stern to recruiting

Karen was a recruiter for many years and she had a noble mission: helping others find “the lifestyle that's possible when you have a job that fulfills you."

And although she loved recruiting, it was a difficult job when the economy tanked and there were... well, no jobs to recruit people for.

“Eventually, I had this entrepreneurial bug tapping my shoulder telling me I needed to pass this on in a much more powerful way.” That’s when Karen pivoted into coaching, and she’s been coaching like a badass for the past 12 years.

Hypnosis & Performance

There are two unique elements that make Karen’s coaching particularly badass: her incorporation of both hypnosis and performance.

In this world where we’re trying to figure out humans can optimize their performance and how they can go from A to B in the fastest, easiest possible way, you have to find new ways to help people move forward. Because life happens, willpower is not an unlimited resource, and many people don’t respond to tough love.

In an effort to find tools that work, Karen stumbled upon hypnosis. After she gained a better understanding of the science behind how the subconscious works, she saw how hypnosis could be used to help subconsciously build productive habits and break unproductive ones.

Through coaching, Karen helps clients identify where their habits are inhibiting or helping them, then through hypnosis, she helps them address the issue. This process is most effective over time, with a comprehensive and holistic coaching plan that helps them reinforce good habits in every area of their life.

And through performance training, Karen is able to help clients with anything from public speaking to job interviews.

“Connecting with an audience is certainly something that I learned from performance, and that came from gradually getting out of my shell and surrendering; surrendering to the moment and letting the music overtake me.”

Music is like an emulsifier – it's just something that connects people in a way that hardly any other thing on this earth can!

So Karen learned that if she was in front of people and she was nervous, the best way to get over the nerves was just bouncing around, dancing, getting a little silly, and shaking it off.

You are the only thing you can control, and these coaching methods help people gain more control over their life so that they can continually move forward.

Want to see Karen in action?

If you’re going through any kind of transition, or just have a question, feel free reach out and connect with us!



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