109. Amazing Things Lie on the Other Side of Doubt | with Lindsey Schwartz

The first time you do something you’ve never done before, it’s going to feel impossible—but there’s a first time for everything.

Lindsey Schwartz is an entrepreneur, top podcast host, and best-selling author. As a sought-after speaker, Lindsey travels around the world inspiring women to get out of their own way and into action around their big ideas, helping them create the careers they’ve always dreamed of.

She shares her journey of how she decided to build and launch Powerhouse Women and put action against her pursuit to help as many entrepreneurial women as possible become less fearful, stop sitting in self doubt, and jump into action to create the life that they want with ease. You do not have to do it alone.

How to Break Through Self-Doubt and Do the Impossible:

  • Lindsey never believed she was a writer or an author—until she wrote a book.
  • That book led to a business and a movement. It showed her the amazing things that could happen on the other side of self-doubt.
  • Doing things that you didn’t know you could do shows you what is possible. Once you’ve done something you thought was impossible, everything else takes on a whole new perspective.
  • When you’re doing something completely new, keep in mind:
  • You don’t want to have your expectation of how things will turn out too defined. This closes you off from the possibilities that could come from unexpected places.
  • “We are not meant to do this alone.”
  • Even if you’ve never done this thing before, someone else has! Learn from them. Ask friends for support. Even as a solopreneur, you are never truly alone.

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