107. The Future of Work is Now with Elatia Abate


Elatia Abate is dedicating her time, energy, career, and business to helping companies and individuals find fulfillment in what they do and the businesses that they are building. She’s an entrepreneur, future-forward strategist, and creator of The Future of Now. She partners with organizations ranging from early range startups to Fortune 500 companies to help leaders make sense of the disruption in our world—and helps them channel that disruption into tangible results.

She is very dynamic in how she shares her method for not waiting for the future to happen and start knowing—and doing—today. Step into the career you truly desire right now, take advantage of the time we are in right now, and prepare for what’s to come.

How to Channel Disruption Into Concrete Results:

  • Disruption is sudden, massive shifts that completely change the rules of business. When rules change you have to figure out brand-new ways to do business and think about work and collaboration.
  • The scary thing about change is facing uncertainty. So how do you create certainty in the midst of all that uncertainty?
  • The process of learning and discovering can be a strong anchor to allow chaos to occur around you, while still feeling safe enough that you’ll be able to move in the right direction.
  • Navigating disruption effectively comes down to mindset: Are you a captive or a captain? Captives say “why are these things happening to me?” Captains say, “Given where we are, where do we go from here?”

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