105. Turn Your Expertise into Impact | with Jim Carter


 For over two decades, Jim Carter's passion for technology has shined through projects of all sizes and industries. But as Jim and his family grew, he found that life began to get the best of him: he had lost sight of the values he held onto in childhood, and he eventually realized that what he was doing wasn’t working for him anymore. He had to pivot to create a life of impact that was truly fulfilling.

After seeing the power tech has to make a greater impact first-hand, Jim has dedicated his life to giving change-makers the tools they need to succeed and thrive. He uses his 20+ years of coaching experience to advise organizations focused on social impact through Cause Hack, an agency providing growth and content services for purpose-driven brands and organizations of all sizes.

How to Build a Value-Based Life:

  • Jim grew up with a value of service to others, and as he grew in his career, he no longer acted out of service. When he realized this, he did the only thing that he knew how: He took the expertise he had learned in the technology field and co-founded a B Corp to make a difference by helping people.
  • B Corporations are certified businesses that measure that they are operating with heart. It allows you to feel proud of the things you are doing to make the world a better place and operate with integrity.
  • Turn your zone of genius and convert it into an opportunity to make an impact. Leverage what you already know into making the change you want in your life—and the world.
  • Whatever you are doing, spread the message and get it out there with love and authority.
  • When you get back to basics and look at everything through your zone of genius, it can be easy, and everything else can come later.
  • Find your why. Everything starts with asking yourself why you are doing what you are doing. This can be hard. It can shake you to your core. But it is essential for living in your purpose. And once you find it, step into it.



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