104. Your fear can be your fuel, let's face it together.

Facing your fears can actually fuel you to step into the life you want to have.

In the last episode with Alex Street, he shared a question that came down to breaking down some fears he had from an incident in his past that he had yet to work through—and he is not the only one who is being tripped up this way. Let’s work through how you can take what is holding you back and burn it into acceleration, motivation, and inspiration.

How to turn your fear into fuel:

  • Don’t internalize the reactions of your audience, because it will come up again and again or even stop you from showing up in the future.
  • Align self-care and self-identification to what you truly believe. Value yourself before you value others.
  • Detach yourself from the stories of self-doubt that your fear is telling you. Learn from them, let them teach you, but don’t let it guide your decisions.
  • Journal on these prompts:
    • The thing I fear right now is:
    • When did I feel this for the first time?
    • What do I truly believe about that moment?
    • What do I need to do to get my power back?
  • If you journal on those questions, you will identify what is truly going on, face it, and take action.

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