102. Kareen, how do I know when to hire?

As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business owner, how do you know when to start hiring—and what do you outsource first?

This is the question Julia Broglie of Broglie Box had for me at the end of Ep. 101, and it’s an awesome question because it’s something every entrepreneur comes up against at some point: Not wanting to do everything in their business but feeling like they have to.

I share a quick exercise you can use to determine what tasks in your business you are most likely able to outsource and how to bundle those together into a job description so that you can spend more time focusing on the parts of your business that you love.

When to Hire for Your Business

  • Take inventory of everything you spend your time on in your business, and score them from 1-10 based on how much they fill you up.
  • Look at the things that score lower and group up the things you could delegate in order to free yourself up. Suddenly, you may have a job description!
  • Are there tasks that you could hire an intern for? If you have to source an employee, how much would that cost and can you afford it?
  • Now you have a picture of where you are headed, where you should spend your time more, and the things you can begin to hire for our outsource.
  • You don’t know what it is that fills you up until you’ve done it, so being the sole operator of your business you will define the kind of leader you want to be in your business.
  • When you’re hiring, make sure you are hiring people who are proficient in the tasks you want to avoid instead of hiring people like you. Otherwise, you will never be able to focus on your own zone of genius.

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