101. How to Navigate Mental Health Care | with Julia Broglie

There is a strong need for more assistance in the field of mental health and wellness.

That’s why, after experiencing her own mental health challenges as a young adult and losing her older brother to suicide, Julia Broglie was inspired to imagine a new way to support and connect with those suffering from mental health challenges: The Broglie Box, which is both a great way to gift support to someone in need and a non-profit company that offers tools to assist with mental wellness.

We talk about her product and company, how she got started, her emotional journey, and at the end of the interview, I coach her through a big business question: when to hire as you scale your business. We will dive deep into the topic of scaling your business in Ep. 102.

Moving Through Trauma, Grief, and Depression in Your Life:

  • Grief is different for every single person and can be different every single time it happens. Don’t expect your grief to look the same as everyone else’s or even your prior experience of it.
  • Having a therapist—someone you can trust, who you can open up to, and who you can get to know—will do you a world of good in learning to process your grief day-by-day.
  • Having the self-awareness to know that something is not right and that you need outside assistance is the biggest hurdle for most people. It’s easy to assume that it’s just something you have to get over. If you can think of it as a medical condition, it makes more sense: Would you ever ignore treating a broken arm because it wasn’t strong enough to heal on its own?
  • Take advantage of services such as Talkspace or BetterHelp to find virtual help if you don’t have access to a local therapist. Mental health and wellness is becoming more accessible than ever before.
  • If someone is having a mental health crisis, you can text “HOME” to 741-741 to talk to a crisis counselor 24/7.



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