100. Celebrating the 100th Episode

I’m so excited to be crossing the threshold into three-digit episodes because it means that represents so much value, connection, and growth over the last two years. Today I want to share the journey of creating and producing this podcast, where it started, and where I want to take it next.

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Celebrating Achievements & Finding Fulfillment

  • It’s important to take time to celebrate an achievement or milestone while continuing to move forward.
  • Achievement itself is great, but overachievers tend to move right on to the next goal without taking any time to acknowledge or recognize what they’ve done. This can lead to unnecessary stress and strain.
  • Failing to acknowledge your achievements dulls down your desire to reach higher goals because you never recognize the value of the accomplishment. It could also mean that you aren’t noticing when your goals do not align with your values.
  • It’s important to not focus solely on achievement but also fulfillment. By rating the different areas of your life (business, health, spirituality, relationships, and finances) you can find out where you need to be focusing your energy to uplift your overall level of fulfillment.
  • Prioritize what is most important for your mental health and where you spend your time. Don’t be afraid to take a break from something that is not as important if you are feeling overextended.

Have any more questions?

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