Three Actions To Help You Breakthrough Overwhelm and Get Back Into Action!

On a recent Q&A call with my B.I.T. group, the topic of how to breakthrough overwhelm came up. Often we come to a place of overwhelm, and it brings us to a complete halt. Worse, it can make us want to give up. I shared then, and wanted to share again now with you, three tips to overcoming overwhelm and getting back into state of being that is productive and fulfilling.

3 Tips to Breakthrough Overwhelm

1. Express Gratitude. Pause. Breathe. Then list three things you are grateful for. Gratitude helps you calm your mind and start to get back in your body. It also puts things into perspective- how important is your to-do list? Really gauge what is urgent, important, can be delegated and can be removed.

2. Move your body! Get completely out of your head and move! Get a workout in, dance around the house, hold a plank, or go for a walk. Even just 15 minutes of moving will reset you. When done ask yourself: “What is the one thing I can do right now that will fill me up?” Then do that one thing! That's it.

Overwhelm comes when you believe you have to do it all. Instead, prioritize and do the first thing first. Then, move on to the next. Overwhelm doesn't help you get it done, it makes you feel like shit in everything you do. Let it go and focus on one thing, do it well then move to the next.

3. Nourish your body. Nourishment can come from many sources. Try a hug, a conversation with a friend, cooking a healthy meal, doing something nice for someone else (in a way that doesn't deplete you). 

Next time you are facing overwhelm, welcome it because it is helping you grow. Then, attack it with these three step above and tell me how you feel. Remember, a mountain is there for you to climb, not to carry. Choose the steps that get you to the peak in a fulfilling way and get support when you need it. You got this!


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