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How Do I?

Jul 26, 2018

As I work on the outline of my next book focusing on leadership and entrepreneurial endeavors, I reviewed my clients' initiatives and accomplishments to date and then paused to ask myself a couple of questions. "Why did they come to me in the first place? What was the question(s) that they initially were asking? Is there a common thread in each case that brought them to my team and I to assist...

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5 Meeting Management Tips to Avoid the Slow Death of Your Company

Apr 01, 2018

Organizing your time and how efficiently you use it, is the best skill to master as an intrapreneur/entrepreneur. As you start to build and grow your team to delivery your products and services and support your clients, it is so important to make sure everyone is disciplined on how time is spent across all the multi-functional facets of their job.

Meetings tend to creep up and take over...

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