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Don't just think about it, ask for it.

Jan 13, 2019

I love sharing strategies on how to ask for what you really want! It took me years to find my voice, self-worth, and ability to ask for what I want. I know I am not alone with the discomfort around asking for what you really want and standing in the nerve wrecking moment right before the answer comes back to you, praying it's a YES!, and trying to keep your composure for the possible No. What I...

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Are you hungry enough?

May 29, 2018

This quote from Steve Jobs is so perfect for the topic I want to discuss: Stay hungry. Stay Foolish. I have been thinking about the word hunger a lot and how it serves us, drives us, and is an amazing trigger for assessing what we really want. 

In the context of weight loss, which I am way to familiar with the yoyo affects of focusing on weight management, one common denominator...

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The Value of Failing Forward, Over and Over Again.

Feb 10, 2018

How is it the second week of February already?? Time flies when you are traveling and meeting up with your mastermind group to focus on the plan for 2018. I am catching up from a kick ass week with Lisa Nichols and our VIP Mastermind, and I am AMPED!

I also feel so behind!! Anyone else?

Luckily, I can leverage the tools I have shared in my book, Be A Badass: Six Tools to Up-Level...

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