Your focus guides everything.

Ever hear the saying, "What you focus on, you find"? I first heard this said at a Tony Robbins event, and then again from one of his coaches in another program and it completely resonates with me.

Focus is such a powerful tool that guides your life. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to focus on. Sometimes our lives are so busy with noise, critical thoughts, judgment, and business, that our focus on what we really want gets distracted and we perpetuate situations that we would really prefer to get over!

With that in mind, I want to share how to identify what to focus on or how to refocus your thoughts and energy towards what you want, and let go of the distractions that hold you back. I know for me, it is super easy to fall back into habits of comfort that stop me from stretching past where I am to get to where I want to be. When you realize focusing on what you want is a CHOICE, you understand the power you hold each day to make what you want happen.

Let me share where I am right now, because it is a prime example of this concept: what you focus on, you find. I am currently in a logistical move. My husband and I have decided to move to another town. This has been a decision in the making since the beginning of the year. And let me tell you, being an entrepreneur where I have business responsibilities and goals I need to manage and running my home life has been something I have traded off from time to time. Mainly because of the level of effort to get my house in order has overwhelmed me, and frankly, I prefer to live a life of service through my business and focus on my clients. Last year, as you know, I set a goal of earning $1M through my business. A goal I had never set before, so I had to throw my focus into hyper-drive and be vigilant about my actions month over month to achieve it. My house and living situation was not a focus on mine. 

Since we decided to move, the focus on where to go to next and line up all the activities to make it happen has been all consuming. My business is still rolling along, but my focus on my goals and actions towards building additional revenue this year has wavered. Truth be told, I have been completely distracted by getting ready for our move and making sure that plan is in place. I have allowed this situation consume me. See, out of the two of us, I am the organized one. I like to purge what I no longer need to carry to make room for what's new. My husband currently works a full-time job and comes home exhausted as he tries to manage his side hustle (his current focus), and doesn't see space the same way I do. So, I had to make a decision to make sure we are not bringing any unnecessary emotional and physical baggage into our next home, and decided to focus on our move and decrease my actions and focus on my business. 

My business is now impacted by this choice. I chose to focus on a personal goal of moving and making sure to take this time to purge all items we do not need, sell things of value we no longer need, travel back and forth to the new city we are moving to in order to make sure our next home is ready for us, and my business has become a secondary focus that I fit into the pockets of my time. Total opposite energy from last year, and it is going to show up in my numbers this year. However, the fulfillment I get from making this next move, as it aligns with the personal and relationship goals I have, is much greater. Also, this is showing me that I need to put some goals in place for my business to build the systems and partnerships I need to continue it's growth, so that when I take time off, it is not solely reliant on me to do it all. That is going to be the shift in Q4 of this year for my business. I already have that action item down to achieve before the end of 2018.

** Warning** Be careful not to focus on the negative thoughts or criticism or fear that shows up when transition is ahead, that will also show up over and over again, if you choose to focus on it.
Do you see how what you focus on is a choice? Do you see how what you focus on grows and the result happens because that is what you have put your energy into until it happens? When I make decisions on what to focus on, I leverage my Fulfillment Factor to make my choices and shift focus. I created an exercise that I share in my book (page 52) and online program to help you assess your fulfillment factor against where you spend your time and what you want to focus on.

When you make decisions based on what fills you up, your energy towards following through and pushing through the challenges is way easier!  If you want access to this tool, click here to request a copy of the FREE workbook that goes with my Be A Badass: Six Tools To Up-Level Your Life book and online program. This is the easiest way to assess what to focus on, and what to leave behind!


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