Fact: Who you hire could accelerate or deflate your business goals.

Ever look around at who is next to you in awe that you get to work with this person?!! Excitement that they are willing to share their gifts and you share yours and together the impact will be even greater? When was the last time you felt your heart racing because you were so invested in the moment that all you could say was, more please!!

That is aligned business energy at its core! Collaborating, learning, growing, creating together with respect, listening skills, and faith in each other that the actions to follow will be the best designed in that moment. 

Do you feel that energy? 

Have you ever felt that in your business? 

Truth: most people don’t. You know why? Because most of us jump into how to get things done before we strategize on who would be the best compliment to what we bring to the table on our own. We also get stuck in thinking there is only one way to accomplish something so we are blind to what could be better. We also forget to ask, “Who do I need to be to lead it?”

The result, we hire what we know: ourselves. Over and over again. Why? because that’s is where we have certainty.  When it comes to building a business, you need variety and as a leader, learn how to lean into uncertainty, in order to grow.

If you want to build a collaborative, actionable, driven team at your table, you need diverse thoughts and skills. You need expertise. If you want to accelerate your growth, you are going to want to hire experts to guide you and help you achieve it all with ease. This way you can show up at the table with clarity on your role, and the excitement knowing that those who surround you are aligned with your vision and bring you the skillset you need to thrive.

Check yourself right now, have you done this? Are you a master at it, yet?

As a Strategic Business Growth Coach I want you to feel empowered as you build your team and know you are doing your best to bring in the collaboration and expertise you need, so here are the top 3 questions I ask to feel more certain if you are hiring the right expert to join your team. No matter what level you are hiring for ask these questions. It helps you assess how involved you will need to be as their leader. 

  1. Share the challenge in your business that you are looking to solve and ask the expert in front of you how they would solve the challenge. If you didn’t learn anything new from their response, or they went off on a tangent that had nothing to do with your question - NEXT! However if they did, it’s a sign you are heading in the right direction for diverse thinking and skillset.
  2. Based on how they solved the challenge question, as if given the position, what are the first three things they would do to take the lead on solving this challenge based on the role they are being hired for. If they can’t tell you how they would approach the challenge within the first few days of starting, they may not really know how to take the lead and have only followed in the past. Make sure you assess how involved you want to be to lead them. If minimal, get a more senior expert in place who can prove they are actionable. 
  3. When you hit obstacles on achieving your goals, what is your go to method for breaking through them? If they can’t answer with tactics to solve problems they face on their own, you need to assess how involved you need to be, and if their answer works best in your environment. 

Do you see how asking these questions helps you assess: mindset, skill set, and communication? 

Remember to listen to the answers, and ask follow up questions to make sure you are clear on their approach. If you half-ass your interview process, you will have half-ass hires at your table. What you do upfront matters. 

If you are not feeling a high energy daily as you run your business, we need to talk. I guarantee tweaking this one thing in your business and putting the aligned people strategy together will save you time and money down the line as you build your business. It’s the one area most overlook as they lead their business because they don’t take the time to people plan against their business strategy accordingly. 

Most people look for the doers they need in the moment and not the long game. These days we have so many talented experts available to us to hire, the skills to take advantage of bringing them together and leaning into a people strategy that you can grow with is key. If you are reading this, I know you are not like most people and look for the highest level of efficiency in your business, so you can enjoy the journey. 

As you try these questions out through your interview process, let me know how they changed the ambiance at your table. If you are looking for a strategic business growth coach to sit next to you for a while as you arrange the table, reach out. I have helped build the synergy you desire, it is possible, and you don’t have to build it alone. 


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