Release False Thoughts and Be a Badass!

I closed the live Badass In Training 6 week coaching program with a group of amazing women last week and wanted to share something from session 3. I reflected on the women in the group and I am in awe of how focused and dedicated they are on building their vision-life. By session 3, I share my methods of letting go of what does not serve you in order to make room for what you are meant to be doing in life! One of the hardest skills to learn is to release negative, false, fake thoughts in order to stepping into true badass-selves! 

How to Release False Thoughts and Their Effects

I remember as a child being uncomfortable in my body. I didn’t want to smile because I had a bike accident when I was a kid that messed up my lip and teeth. I felt fat and ugly compared to the girls I grew up with. My solution to this discomfort was to bury myself in serving others to the point of neglecting myself. My inner child had dreams of being a fashion designer and a runway model, but my false thoughts told me there was no way I could look the part.

During the last 15 years, I kept putting myself out there, learning ways to release these thoughts that were not true and discovering ways to heal, let go, and build myself into the who I am today! You know we are our own worse critics, and we can also choose to be our #1 cheerleaders.

The key phrase is this post is that we "choose to be." We all have a choice on what to believe is true when it comes to being criticized, judged, ridiculed by others. Growing up in a household where I was scolded if I did not do as I was told or if I did not get perfect marks at school, starts to create mind full of judgement when "perfection" is not achieved.

The story I told myself was, "I am not good enough, so why bother." I choose to believe the negative in me, and ignore all the positive things and amazing skills I had because that was the focus of others around me, it's what I heard, so I believed it and suffered in silence. If I look back at all I accomplished as a teenager, all that was on my shoulders, and how I showed up, I was amazing! But at that time, I chose not to believe it. 

If I did not go through that time, and realize how poorly that mindset served me, I would not be here today working on my first playbook to share my methods and help my clients, and my tribe break free from what holds them back. In my coaching practice, I assist men and women every day release false thoughts, and let go of what no longer serves them, and get into action towards the life they want. My methods gives them a playbook to apply tools to help them achieve the life they desire.

I love what I do, where I am, and where I am headed. I am so grateful I found a way to help others achieve the same.

Imagine what your life would be like if you let go of the false beliefs and lived believing you are a badass in all that you do, what version of yourself would come to the surface? Who would benefit from your badassery? What would your life look like? My clients like to quote me now when they are in moments of strife, "If it does not serve you, let it go." It seems to resonate with them and help them let it go. 

Flood the world with your gifts!

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