Kareen's Summer Reading List

As an author, I definitely don't read enough. This summer's challenge is to plow through a few books and share the journey and learning with all of you. I just finished reading my first book in a long while. The Third Door by Alex Banayan was gifted to me by Chris Harder in our last mastermind meeting. I got to meet and speak with Alex directly and was so curious about his adventure hacking The Price is Right, and his heart-centred direction in life, I had to read the book. It was such a great read, I am recommending it to all of you for inspiration and a reminder of what persistence can create in your life. 

I forgot how up-levelling reading can be in your everyday interactions with others. When you take time out to put yourself into new thought that isn't guided by what you know already, it opens up your mind to be more creative and allow new opportunities into your life. I decided to share my summer reading list with you this week to help spark some interest in learning from others to help you as well. I hope you join me!

If you would like to read along and discuss learning, here is the list of books I plan to read.

  • The Third Door by Alex Banayan - just finished it, totally worth the read! Reminds me about how persistent I was in my 20's and how it pays off even now to dial it up to achieve my goals.

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama - Started this one and abandoned it. I really want to hear her full story, so going to set the time to follow through this summer. 

  • A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder - Started this a while back and now need to finish it. Lori has an amazing way of showing us how to build our inner circle and grow together by sharing her journey of isolation to influencer.

  • Stand Out by Dorie Clark - Dorie is an amazing influencer on leadership and contribution. 

  • Blue Ocean Shift  - You know I have to geek out on strategic growth methods, and Blue Ocean Strategy is one of my favorite examples on how to be a differentiator in the market and grow your business. Blue Ocean Shift shows you how. 

  • Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman - Gifted to me, excited to read it. 

  • Perfecting Your Pitch - I want to get better at my own elevator pitch and am always helping others with theirs so wanted to learn new methods. 

And of course, if you haven't read it yet, Lead with Value by yours truly. I am so honored to get all the positive feedback and reviews from all of you who have read it. Don't forget to grab a free copy of the Values Exercise. You should definitely add it to your list. 

If you have recommendations on books to be added to this list, please feel free to send them to me. 


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