Intentionally Initiate Your Day

September is officially here and summer is coming to a close. Most kids are back in school, and the summer getaways feel like they are in the distant past, I thought some of you may be struggling with re-engaging in your daily routines, that I thought I would share an exercise on how to intentionally initiate your day to bring in the highest level of energy and fulfillment to each day. 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this exercise shared in my Instastories. Based on the feedback I received after posting it, I wanted to make sure to share it here so you can leverage it at any time you are questioning why you are going after what you truly want each day. When we rise with intention, our fulfillment factor is raised each day. We are clear on what we want to share with the world and what we want to receive. That clarity helps us enjoy each day, and welcome the challenges we are faced with as a learning experience vs. a struggle we can not overcome. Being intentionally gives a purpose to each move and helps us focus on what is a priority and dismiss what is distracting us with ease. 

At a time of year where we are challenged with refocusing and rebuilding a routine, I think this daily journal exercise will help you. Even if you write this out in a note memo on your phone each morning during your commute into work, it will make a difference in how you approach your day.

Rise with Intention Exercise for the Career and Work-Life You Have

  1.  Take a moment and write down what you are grateful for from your co-workers, bosses, clients, and business partners. We generally don't take enough time to celebrate our wins at work or in our businesses, that when you write them out each day - at least one thing you are grateful for regarding your work/income-producing life.

  2. State what you plan to focus on today, what is your intention for the day? Who do you want to attract in, what business do you want to close, who's life do you want to impact through your work? What is your intention today?

  3. Describe what or who you want to attract into your work life. When we take a moment and visualize our ideal client, ideal co-worker, ideal team member, we begin to attract them in. Describe what you want to attract into your work life in detail, the type of business, projects, experiences, partnerships. 

Now that you have taken 5-10 minutes to be intentional, doesn't your energy for the day feel electrified? Try to fulfill this exercise every day for the next 30 days and let me know how it up-levelled your work life. It is rare that we focus on our work-life with intention. We tend to look at it as something we HAVE to do, vs. something we are INTENTIONALLY doing.  

If you think others in your community can benefit from this exercise, please share this with them. Here is the image I shared on Instastory to share along with this blog post link.

Oh, and keep sending me your questions or feedback so I can continue to add value to your world. That is my intention each day. Interacting with you fills my cup.


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