122. Be Uncompromising and Live Aligned

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

When you’re saying yes to too many things, you begin to compromise on your values and priorities. But how do you manage the balance of wanting to be true to yourself while remaining open to new experiences?

My goal this year was to remain uncompromised: Not saying yes to the wrong things for the wrong reasons, and only saying yes to the things that fuel me up. But it can be hard to find the sweet spot of saying yes to opportunities without giving up on your values.

How to Remain Uncompromising

  • Give yourself permission to say no to things that are compromising your values.
  • How do you know when something is a compromise? Just listen to your body. If someone tells something and you feel deflated, your shoulders shrug, your eyes go down… it’s probably a compromising idea.
  • Ask yourself: “Would this make me happy or fuel me up if I said yes?” If the answer is no, politely and gracefully turn it down.
  • If you’re so far down the hole of answering to others’ expectations that you don’t even know what your own priorities are, it’s time to start journaling. Ask yourself what an uncompromising life looks like. What things does it feel uncomfortable or guilty to say no to? What lights you up when thinking about saying yes to it?

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