How to "Earn Your Happy"

I just checked an item off my bucket list that I had to share it with you here. I was interviewed by Lori Harder on the Earn Your Happy Podcast (Episode 734)!!

Her show has hit top 10 podcast lists because she is one of the most authentic interviewers out there. She puts her growth spurts out there for others to benefit from. I am so excited to share some of the nuggets from my strategic growth management practices discussed on her show with you!

Lori is on the cusp of launching her new entrepreneurial venture called Lite Pink. As you know, I love supporting new entrepreneurs in their ventures and make sure they are taking aligned steps to lead in a way that is authentic to them and their vision. The best aha moment of this conversation was helping her get more clarity on her WHY.  This was such a gifted moment for me to help her get clearer than she has ever been on her WHY through our conversation. It's easier than you think it might be to get clarity on this. 

If you are struggling with this, start listening to the episode right now to see how I help simplify getting to your WHY. 

I also share my 4 Steps to Get Into Strategic Alignment and how vital it is to continuously assess the path of action you are on, and shift things when necessary to stay on course. I call that Aligned Action. 

Lori also asked, "What is a universal lesson that you rely on when solving problems or moving through challenges?"

I had two answers:

  1. You are never in a dilemma and there are infinite possibilities out there to help you solve your problem or move through something.
  2. Finding in the power in your "No" to the things that are not aligned.

We discuss the power of agility and adaptability through building and growing your business and making your ideas come to life. This is where the retrospective exercise gets leveraged and helps you adapt to what's needed right now. 

These are just the highlights, and I encourage you to listen to the full episode to get all the benefits of the conversation we had.

What I love most about my growing relationship with Lori is that she is creating environments for other women to thrive and grow, and I love being able to walk alongside her and support each other. 

Here are the links to listen:

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