Six Tools to Up-Level Your Life

Read about my own personal triumphs and failures that helped guide me to do the work, and put together this baseline tool kit on how to get into actions towards the life you are meant to live!

I titled the book BE A BADASS because I believe each individual I work with is BADASS! They seek me out to help unleash who they really are, and look for assistance in going after the life they dream of! 

That is what being BADASS means to me!

I took the six tools I leverage the most with my clients and put them in this book for you!

Apply the tools and you will learn how to:

  • Get clarity on what you really want out of YOUR life.

  • How to assess the skills you have today, and what you may need to achieve your goal.

  • How to let go of what is holding you back 

  • How to map out an Action Plan to achieve your goals

  • How to check in that you are making progress towards your goals  

Over and over and over again...


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Are you ready to create your BADASS LIFE?

Remove the thoughts of should have, could have, wish I, or regret from your vocabulary and get into action towards the life you want! We all need help up-leveling. Whether it is from a leader at your firm, an influencer in your network, a colleague who is crushing it at what they do, you see it and say, “that’s BADASS!” followed with, I WANT TO BE A BADASS!

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Notice how I did not say JOB, I said career for a reason. If you are feeling stuck and unsure how to get into action towards the career life you dream of, this is a great way to get into action!

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You will get access to 5 videos and exercises to help you boost your career in 5 days!

Over 70% of employed people are looking for another job. My goal is to help you stop the noise, decrease your level of dissatisfaction with your search, and leverage these tools to find a fit that you can stick with, grow from, and up level to achieve the BADASS Career you dream of!

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