Want to know a secret?

Your business will only grow, if you do! 

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Want to know a secret?

Your business will only grow, if you do! 

Join May's Accelerate Your Growth Group Coaching Program and map out your growth plan with me!

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Are you an Entrepreneur looking for Business Advisement or Strategic Growth Direction? 

I love working with my C-Suite Leaders and Entrepreneurs! I have helped several founders get

 >> Clarity on what is scalable in their business.

>> How to build the team to support their vision.

>> Align their leadership style with their corporate culture.

>> Build the tech stack and operations to run it smoothly.

But most of all, make sure each action they take has the right profit margins and aligned action to achieve it.

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Lesly Logan

Creator/Founder of OPC

Love having Kareen in our back pocket as our business coach!  She recognized where we had gaps in our business, and who we need to be to run the business we dream of. 

Kate Cummings

CEO, Freestyle/Restyle

Clarity and accountability
is exactly what I received working
with Kareen. I love that I can lean on her for business focus, positive energy and a path to achieve my goals.

Lisa Cokinos

CEO - LC Events Company

Being coached by Kareen is so powerful! Being able to recognize my own 'stinking thinking' has helped me to be a better
wife, mom and woman! I've taken the leap to start my own business and I have feel like I'm finally living the life I want to live!

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Chris Harder

Kareen snaps me back into what I need to focus on as a leader to ensure sustainable growth is in play at all times.

Michelle Johnson

Owner, The Anchor Group
Kareen gets it. She just knows exactly how to carve a path for how I can achieve my goals by listening to my needs, understanding my vision, and coaches me to step into action. 

Scott Roen

Managing Director, BlackRock 
Kareen is both process guru and professional coach all wrapped up in one. Our organization and my leadership are stronger thanks to her.

Connecting with Kareen

Here's the deal, I don't know how to turn off providing solutions, methods, and services to help you achieve what you truly desire in life and business. I tried so many ways of combining all that I am able to provide into this website for you to learn more, but honestly, you just won't know the impact until we connect and have an open dialogue. 

As an Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Author, and Podcaster, I want you to leverage the strategies, methods, and communication skills of top performers in the industry.  

If you landed here, you are probably searching for ways to scale your personal and professional growth by building the career and business you dream of. If that is the case, then I am definitely someone you want walking alongside you. There is definitely a method of up-leveling here for you: Books, Programs, Coaching, Consulting - I offer it all because not everyone is at the same stage, and also may require a different degree of engagement to get the impact you are looking for.

I have taken my years running top performing teams in complex environments, helping start ups scale to successful operationally sound businesses, to assist my clients in achieving their monetary and impact based goals by leveraging my lessons learned. Building a strong 7 figure business of my own, I know what it takes to lead, leverage, and let go in order to success.

To jump into action, you need guidance. To accelerate your growth, it's best to learn from those who have gone before you. Easiest way to assess how my team and I can help you is to simply connect with me today.

It is my honor to walk alongside you!

Click here to connect with me today!

I am obsessed with helping you grow!

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