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I love working with my C-Suite Leaders and Entrepreneurs! I have helped several founders get

 >> Clarity on what is scalable in their business.

>> How to build the team to support their vision.

>> Align their leadership style with their corporate culture.

>> Build the tech stack and operations to run it smoothly.

But most of all, make sure each action they take has the right profit margins and aligned action to achieve it.

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Kareen Zahr Walsh is a visionary business and people strategist, author, podcaster, investor, and a 7-figure business building entrepreneur making her the ultimate Business Healer.

With nearly 2 decades of experience optimizing performance in the health & wellness, eCommerce, technology, and finance industries, running top performing teams in complex environments, Kareen has a proven track record of helping C-Suite executives turn their vision of impact into action often resulting in 10Xing their investment. She’s worked with trillion-dollar businesses including Black Rock and Broadridge to execute their strategic initiatives, as well as helping startups like Pure Vitality and Drip Hydration build growth strategies to scale. As both a strategist and investor, Kareen can see both sides of business, and understands that optimal leadership for sustainable growth is at the intersection of people, process, and technology.

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Part of every growth spurt is the ability to let go of what no longer serves you to make room for what lights you up. One of my favorite methods to move through this and heal is through breathwork. As a certified practitioner in breathwork and meditation modalities, I offer different ways to get to the energetic root of your fatigue towards your desired life, and help you clear it. Join me for a group breathwork session or book a 1:1 and let the healing begin. 


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