6 Month Entrepreneurial Deep Dive 

No Fluff - No BS - Focused On Accelerating Your Business and Hitting Your Goals with the support and guidance you need to succeed.
Currently Accepting Applications for September 2019 - NYC

Is this accelerated growth for you?  

If you're an innovative business owner leading 6 & 7+ figure businesses and want an inner circle of colleagues focused on growth, connection, and expansion, this accelerated business growth program is for you. 

Are you determined to bust through your goals by up-leveling your tribe, improving your business acumen, and commit to a tribe focused on reciprocity?

Unlike any other mastermind out there, this mastermind dives deep into your business, your goals, and truly masterminds with you on how to build an exit strategy to map out your personal plan on how best to lead your business today.


We choose candidates by application only. We select only 12 of the best business owners who meet these qualities:

Strong Money Mindset

EARN AT LEAST $350,000 PER YEAR IN BUSINESS REVENUE – Not afraid of making a 5 figure investment for a 7 figure return.

Lead with Value

ABUNDANTLY MINDED – those who have generosity weaved into their DNA and want to make an impact leading their business with ease and empowering their teams

Solution Driven

FOCUSES ON THE OPPORTUNITY AHEAD - has lessons learned and solutions to share with others in order to grow together. 

Love to Connect with Others

COMMUNITY FOCUSED – we look for individuals who want to build powerful communities and make an impact with their audience

In short, this is for business owners looking to elevate your income, elevate your ability to lead, and leave a massive impact in this community, and receive the same in return. Must be coachable, have a strong willingness to learn and desire to share your gifts with others in the mastermind to build a deeper more fulfilling connection. 


If you do not meet this criteria, then please do not apply below for this mastermind as it’s not the right fit for you yet. We encourage you to book a VIP Strategy Session with me so we can make this no-brainer YES in the future.

The Mission BEhind THis Mastermind

We believe leaders go first! When leaders take the time to invest in themselves, and up-level their tribe, their impact is greater in their community, their organization, and especially their bottom line. Kareen has designed this mastermind to accelerate your impact and contribution but facilitating the connection with a diverse group of leaders for you to grow with and build a healthy exchange in each interaction.  That is the basis of Value Exchange Leadership (VXL) that this mastermind is built on.

This curated experience ensures you will receive customized strategic plans based on your vision of success, high quality care during your stay, divine meals, memorable experiences together, and access to recharge at this luxurious resort.  When you can relax and connect with yourself in a low stress environment,  innovation and creativity flow.

Are you ready to leverage this facilitated accelerated experience from September 2019 through March of 2020? 


We encourage you to apply today, seats are limited and you must be qualified by 09/01 to secure your seat.


Kareen Walsh is a CEO, Start Up Advisor, Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster, and Published Author. Through her coaching and consulting firm she has worked with large organizations like BlackRock, Oppenheimer, IRC, and Aol/Oath.

As a Growth Strategist and Start Up Advisor, she has worked with UncorkedKitchen and Wine Bar, ideel(Groupon), Home Science Tools, and Illuminent, LLC.

Her zone of genius and ability to breakthrough the bullshit and help individuals and businesses accelerate growth by leveraging her practical strategies. Her ability to remove obstacles, and get to the root of what needs to happen next in order to achieve a thriving life and run a sustainable business.  She believes if you lead with value, your growth is unstoppable.

Understanding the value of masterminding, Kareen has personally invested in different levels of training, certifications, and masterminds with Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Gaby Berstein, Lisa Nichols, Lori and Chris Harder. Her heart of service and desire to contribute has led the design of this program, so that you don't waste time and money leveraging her lessons learned and network of experts.


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**The above form starts the application process. All members accepted into the program must go through the qualifying process designed to ensure your VXL enrollment meets the standards of the program. Once your full application is received, and you will be notified if you qualify for the next step, which is a 1:1 call with Kareen Walsh to assess if this is right for you. Applicants will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Limited seats available. 

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