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Your Business

8 Week Master Class

How To Optimize Your Time & Increase Your Bottom Line
Coached live by Kareen Walsh



Your business is a reflection of how well you lead it. 


Are YOU looking to boost the growth of your business?

Trying to find access to a top business and leadership coach

to help avoid wasting time and money? 

Are you looking to connect with other growth minded leaders?

And get the accountability you are looking for?

You are going to want to be coached by Kareen in these 8 weeks because you are going to love gaining the traction you truly desire accessing her methods that help you catapult into the next level of your business with ease.  Kareen's coaching style will help you how to optimize your time and upgrade your bottom line to accelerate your business much earlier!

Kareen's mission is to make leading it practical and actionable.


Leaders go first, so grab your seat today! 

Unleash Your Vision


  • Get Clarity on the business you are in

  • Get Clarity on the role you are meant to play

  • Get Clarity on your exit strategy, so  you can own it and not have to operate it!

Empower Your Team

  • Map out who you need to help you scale your business

  • Map out the structure of your company to lead with ease

  • Map out the code of conduct to highlight your corporate culture

Evolve YouR Business

  • Jump Into Action with the support of coaches and other members in this master class

  • Accountability to support you in action

  • Learn how to pivot with ease 


Elizabeth Benton


Kareen was the first person I thought of when I had to make a high-stakes business decision. She immediately helped me cut to the chase, identify what matters most, and make a strategic business decision. She will continue to be my trusted go-to! 

Stefanos Sinfandos

Relational Alchemist

Kareen's unique ability to get to the root of what I needed to help elevate how I attract the right clients into my business, and organize my operations for strategic growth has allowed me to help my clients on a deeper level and increase my return on where I choose to invest my time. 

Tara Romano

Tone and Tease Creator/Founder

Kareen is someone I wish I hired her four years ago, my business would have been way different now. Working with her this year, I was able to find practical ways of having my vision become a reality in a few short months!


If you want to hit the level of success you dream of, you need to invest in yourself and master the skill of leading your business in a way that is authentic to you, in order to find the right team to execute your mission. I have invested over 6 figures in up-leveling myself in order to provide these services to my clients and help them build 6-7 figure businesses with ease. This program would normally be a 5 figure investment for you to have the access to the tools, coaching, and support offered here. I decided to offer it to you for only $1995 - so you can remove all excuses and join my achiever arena with confidence you will get the ROI you are looking for. 

Are you ready to take advantage of our time together? Let's step forward together.

Master Class Curriculum

Clarity on What you Really Want and Why You Want it

Week 1 - We all need to know where we are headed and why we want to steer your company there before we jump into action. Week 1 is getting that clarity you need to make sure this next 90 days you are formulating a plan for the next stage of your business. 

How the Values You Lean Into Dictate Your Fulfillment as a Leader

Week 2 - Once we know where you desire to go, we map out who you need to be to steer the ship and get you there in an authentic way. We will define your personal value system that you use as the home base for all of your leadership decisions and how you build your corporate culture going forward.

Lead with Your Zone of Genius and Exponentially Grow Your Business

Week 3 - What is your Zone of Genius? We will define it together and do a gap analysis of what/who you need to fill in for the areas that require management in your business, and are distracting you from your ZOG. This week will help you get the clarity on where you need to dial up who you are, and find the practices to vet who you need on your team to help your business grow.

Know where the exits are at all Times

Week 4 - Once you have a vision, an understanding of the role you want to play in your business, starting to formulate who you need to help you grow, we start to define what exit strategies would look like for you. 

Who Do You Need? How to LEverage their Skills

Week 5 - Time to understanding quality hiring practices, - as you bring your team together to maximize their commitment to you, and help you understand next steps to build the sustainable business you dream of!

Building Partnerships from a place of Trust and Authenticity

Week 6 - partnership agreements, designing a code of conduct - what type of corporate culture are you building, what are the organizational values, how do check in with your partners to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Learn the skills to pivot with ease when it comes to partnering with others to bring your dream to life. 

Creating A Value Exchange Environment

Week 7 - Practice how to communicate and create a value exchange environment that focuses on continuous growth and empowerment. 

Action Plan and Pivoting skills 101

Week 8 - Mapping out a 90 Day Action Plan to hit your top goal for the year - what happens next, and how to get the accountability you need to jump into action. 


Aimeelene Gaspar, CEO

Working with Kareen 1:1 has allowed me to navigate the strategy around building my start up and gives me the confidence to go big, and make it happen!

Kareen snaps me back into what I need to focus on as a leader to ensure sustainable growth is in play at all times.

Marlo Ellis, CEO/Founder

Kareen showed me how to think as an owner, and put a plan together on how to sustain my zone of genius and build an expansive business with ease. 

Chris Harder, CEO/Influencer


A Message from Kareen

I am on a mission to help business leaders thrive! Most of all, I want to help you avoid making the mistakes I have made, and have helped my clients avoid! It is a pet peeve of mine to waste time and money, that is why I love helping others avoid it too!

This master class is for you if:

  • You are a business leader, and want to make sure you avoid the mistakes others have made and build a sustainable business with ease.

  • You want to invest, but also make sure you have a return on that investment.

  • And as a leader in your business, you want to make sure you can pivot or exit with ease to move onto what's next. 


I wish this program was available to me before I got started!

Imagine 8 Weeks of coaching by me (value of $6000), plus access to a coaching program I share with my VXL Mastermind of executive 6-7 figure leaders ($3999 Value). And access to 30 days of Achiever Arena Accountability Club for Free! ($399 Savings) - All for ONLY $1995! Your business grows at the rate you choose to invest in yourself. I am certain these methods will help you move your business forward in ways you wish you had access to earlier. 

I can't wait to welcome you into my Master Class!

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