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It all starts with self-love. I know it sounds corny and sometimes even unimaginable for some, however, it is the root of where all your energy flows. It is also where all frustration lies when it is off-balance.

If you are sitting in a space of low energy, feeling detached, having difficulty going after your true desires, you may be out of balance with how you love yourself. 

Breathe with Kareen

It’s Time To Love Yourself Deeper

With one-on-one guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.

Breathe with Kareen Workshop

 10/29/2023 at 11:00 AM EST 

Join Kareen for a 90 Minute Breathe with Kareen Workshop this month where she shares her meditation and breathwork practice with you. In this workshop you will connect deeper to yourself, release any fragments of energy that do not belong, and end your session with an energizing technique that you can leverage throughout the week ahead to stay in flow.

All you need to have a floor area the size of the yoga mat, some pillows and blankets for comfort, an eye mask or scarf to cover your eyes during the breathwork. 

This session is offered both virtually and in person. If you are in the NY Metro area and would like to attend in person, the workshop will be held at her home. Only 5 spots available for in person attendance. Once you grab your spot, the details for attending in person will be shared with you. 



Virtual Group Sessions will commence in 2024. 

Click the Schedule Link below and book the session time that is right for you!

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Most would describe me as an entrepreneur with a huge heart that always gets to the core of an issue and finds a solution to it. I have many achievements, but my most favorite moments are when my clients have the clarity they are looking for from our time together. Whether that is in business, or in their inner self, it all lights me up!

How we feel going through our daily actions about ourselves and the impact we are making is where I like to measure fulfillment. I designed Breathe with Kareen, as a way of sharing my healing practices, and mind-body-spirit modality training that has helped me whole-up and lead an unapologetic life. Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

*Kareen Zahr Walsh is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Healer by David Elliott 

"Kareen helped me release tension in my neck and shoulder through this breathwork and after our session I had so much energy! 

Stella P. 

"Learning this breathwork and having a 1:1 healing session with Kareen was a game-changer to my overall approach on life. Wish I had worked with her sooner."

Holly F.

Want to go deeper?


Are you feeling disconnected from yourself? Have a desire to bring back a joyful and lite energy to your daily life? And all the other things you have tried, still haven't hit the mark with shifting how you feel about life and what is in front of you?

If so, then the Breathe with Kareen 1:1 session is definitely for you.

Having a focused healing session will help you tune out the world around you and  focus on lifting your level of self-love.

Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, you will feel unstoppable in anything you want to achieve.


1:1 sessions are designed for you. Virtual Sessions are done via zoom. In person sessions are done in the NY tri-state area and dependent on distance from Kareen's main location in Greenwich, CT. In home visits are possible, but must be coordinated by emailing [email protected] once you have purchased your session. Additional charges may be applied for travel expenses.