If you’re following me on Instagram (@kareenzwalsh), you probably saw me posting about a mastermind I belong to. I cannot tell you how valuable it has been to expanding not only my knowledge in business and how I do business, but truly my network of colleagues that I know I can count on whenever I have something going on in my business!


I found myself asking, how do I grow as a leader? How do I maximize what I’m doing now, but also continue to learn the avenues of business that I have not mastered yet?


And what I’ve found is that there’s no better way to do it than walking alongside and with others who are seeking the same and are willing to stand up and support each other through it – and that is how I define Masterminding!


Today I get into the kinds of masterminds that offer the most value, how you can assess whether a mastermind is right for you, and how you can give and get the most out of your mastermind experience.



Today I want to explore one of the BIG questions that comes up a lot in my work: What’s next?


How do you uplevel their life and career, all while finding the right support structure and avoiding burnout?


A critical aspect of growth is that it’s difficult to navigate on your own, and that’s really why coaching exists in the professional world, in the fitness world, or any other area of life. And coaching is becoming so prevalent in so many different arenas because it is the fastest way to jump into action towards whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.


Transformational coaching, which is what I offer, is really about wanting to have something different than what you have today. A lot of people seek this out because they’re experiencing a pain in their life, and I know from experience that there are some obstacles you just can’t overcome alone.


How do you select the right coach?


First, define what is most important to you right now. Where are you trying to go and what are you trying to fix? If you don’t have a goal, we can’t map how to help you get there.


After you have clarity, you have to understand the help that’s available to you.


Coaches help you get into action to accomplish your goal. Mentors have already gone down the track you’re trying to go down, then you have to figure out the actions you can take to go down the same path. So a mentor tells you how they did something, and a coach or advisor will help guide you.


If you decide you want a coach, ask yourself a few questions (and answer honestly): What is your method of learning? What is the speed at which you like to move? How do you go into action? What does accountability mean to you? How much are you willing to invest in your growth?


Talk to a few coaches, look at their websites, and figure out if what they offer aligns with your answers to those questions. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram (@kareenzwalsh) or send me an email at kzw [at] kareenwalsh.com.



I’ve been thinking about the effectiveness of leadership lately, and I recently read a Forbes article titled “Why Leadership Development is Still Stuck in the Dark Ages.”


In this article, Chris Pearse wrote about how the old methods of developing leadership are losing their effectiveness because they do not focus on how you lead yourself. This showed up at just the right time for me, so I wanted to share it with you too.


I’m passionate about helping individuals and leaders get out of their own way and step into their greatness by becoming more self-aware, and one of the tools that helped me do this for myself was Leadership Circle 360.


You can learn how to better lead yourself and about this tool at https://www.kareenwalsh.com/leadership-assessment-tool.



I have some exciting news to share with you today: I just launched a new book called Lead with Value: How Leaders Unleash Their Vision, Empower Others, and Evolve Their Business!


I wrote this book to help up-level those who are trying to increase their effectiveness in running their life, running their business, building teams, and working with partners. Pretty much all the great juicy tactics that I have used with my clients over the years have now been put into this book for you all to leverage.

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