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Here's the deal, I don't know how to turn off providing solutions, methods, and services to help you achieve what you truly desire in life and business. I tried so many ways of combining all that I am able to provide into this website for you to learn more, but honestly, you just won't know the impact until we connect. 

As an Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Author, and Podcaster, I want you to leverage the strategies, methods, and communication skills of top performers in the industry.  

If you landed here, you are probably searching for ways to scale your personal and professional growth by building the career and business you dream of. If that is the case, then I am definitely someone you want walking alongside you. There is definitely a method of up-leveling here for you: Books, Programs, Coaching, Consulting - I offer it all because not everyone is at the same stage, and also may require a different degree of engagement to get the impact you are looking for.

I have taken my years running top performing teams in complex environments, helping start ups scale to successful operationally sound businesses, to assist my clients in achieving their monetary and impact based goals by leveraging my lessons learned. Building a strong 7 figure business of my own, I know what it takes to lead, leverage, and let go in order to success.

To jump into action, you need guidance. To accelerate your growth, it's best to learn from those who have gone before you. Easiest way to assess how my team and I can help you is to simply connect with me today.

It is my honor to walk alongside you!

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10 Years - CEO, Revampologist LLC

6 Years Executive Leadership Coach

15+ Years Technical Implementation Leadership

10 Years Agile Coach

7+ Years People Strategy and Staffing Services



Latest Article in Authority Magazine

Recently interviewed for Authority Magazine to share my steps to building an inclusive environment. Check out the full article to understand my approach!

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"As co-owners of a new start up trying to grow our business, hiring Kareen as an Executive Leadership and Strategic Growth Coach helped start year 3 with a stronger skillset, partnership, and growth plan for our business. Love having access to her when we need to pivot."

Katie Robbins
CEO, Uncorked Kitchen

"Reading Lead with Value, should be required for leaders of all ages. Especially young entrepreneurs. I see so many of them saying, I don’t know what I want. And stressed out. Giving them strategies for developing their skills, confidence and awareness is priceless IMHO. This book shares how to create a value exchange with ease. Wish I had a copy of it in my 20's. "

Steve Lewczyk
CRO, Harvest Savings and Wealth Technologies

"Learning the process of defining your Personal Value System brought me such awareness on how I show up as a leader. After reading through examples of value mis-alignments & their resolutions, enabled me to see the bigger picture of what I'm looking for and where I can provide the most value to others. Talk about win-win!"

Tory Gray
Founder/Managing Consultant, The Gray Dot

"Working with Kareen 1:1 has allowed me to navigate the strategy around building my start up and gives me the confidence to go big, and make it happen!"

Aimeelene Gaspar
CEO, LionX

"Kareen possesses a powerful blend of smarts, business savvy and insight which she generously dispenses to the benefit of her clients and their goals. She is an empathetic listener, a gifted interpreter, a very wise guide and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Pamela DeCesare
CEO, Capital D

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Grab a copy of my latest book:

Lead with Value

How Leaders Unleash Their Vision, Empower Others, and Evolve Their Business

If you are looking to accelerate your growth in your business, it first starts with how you lead.

Kareen shares her Value Exchange Leadership™ methodologies, practices, and case studies in this book to help you learn how to Lead with Value at every turn. 

You are going to want to grab a copy of this book to leverage the tools, methods, and case studies from Kareen's Executive Coaching practice called Value Exchange Leadership. You are going to love how she share practical ways to up-level in leadership and help exponentially grow in your career and business. 


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