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Here's the deal, I don't know how to turn off providing solutions, methods, and services to help you achieve what you truly desire in life and business. I tried so many ways of combining all that I am able to provide into this website for you to learn more, but honestly, you just won't know the impact until we connect. 

My mission is simple:

  • Help you get the clarity you need to step into action.  

  • Source the support you need by bringing my network of experts in when needed.

  • Show you how to lead and train you and your team for sustainable growth


As an Entrepreneur, Executive Coach, Author, and Podcaster, I want you to leverage the strategies, methods, and communication skills of top performers in the industry.  

If you landed here, you are searching for ways to move forward and build the career and business you dream of. There is a method of up-leveling here for you: Books, Programs, Coaching, Consulting - I offer it all because not everyone is at the same stage and has different learning styles.

To jump into action, you need guidance. To accelerate your growth, it's best to learn from those who have gone before you. Connect with me today so we can help you move forward knowing you are not alone in your badass journey. 

Here to walk along side you,



 9 Years - CEO, Revampologist LLC

5 Years Executive Leadership Coach

15 Years Technical Implementation Leadership

10 Years Agile Coach

15 Years Career Management Coach 

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Six Tools to Up-Level Your Life





Aimeelene Gaspar

 CEO, MyLionX

Working with Kareen 1:1 has allowed me to navigate the strategy around building my start up and gives me the confidence to go big, and make it happen!

Chris Harder

CEO, For The Love Of Money

Kareen snaps me back into what I need to focus on as a leader to ensure sustainable growth is in play at all times.

Marlo Ellis

CEO, The Uncommon Woman

Kareen showed me how to think as an owner, and put a plan together on how to sustain my zone of genius and build an expansive business with ease. 

Interviews with Kareen Walsh
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