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Get the Clarity, Strategic Growth Plan, and Next Level Actions IMMEDIATELY in one Short Weekend!

This workshop is designed for you, the service-based entrepreneur.

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Unlike any other business programs out there, in this workshop we will dive deep into your business, your goals, and truly mastermind with you on how to build the next level strategy, and design your custom action plan on how best to lead your business today. We select only 6 of the best business owners who:

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All Entrepreneurs need accelerated growth tactics!

Are you a business owner determined to bust through your goals by up-leveling your tribe, improving your business acumen, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in business, but you just don't know what to do next in order to hit that next level?

You are not alone. Do you know what it will take to OWN your business and stop OPERATING it one day?

It requires you to be open to a new perspective, be willing to answer the hard questions, and follow through on the guidance, outlined steps to take it to the next level, as it pertains to YOUR business. 

Are you ready to accelerate your growth?


The Impact of the Program

from Entrepreneurs just like you...

Jackie Serviss

Serviss Coaching and Consulting

Kareen just gets it. Within minutes I found I was listened to, my goals were possible, and now have the direction that aligns with my ultimate vision for life and my business. This workshop allowed me to get crystal clear and quickly take action with ease knowing I am 100% support by Kareen and this group.

Michelle Johnson

CEO/Founder The Anchor Group

Aha! I said it so many times going through the business growth mastery workshop with Kareen. Not only did I get super clear on how to build an additional business stream of revenue, I got crystal clear on how to make it happen now! I feel so aligned and supported by Kareen and the other entrepreneurs in this group!

Shana Recker

Entrepreneur, Recker Media

Attending the BGM Workshop set me on a 7-figure path for my business that I thought was years away, but now I can see it is possible and I am 100% capable of achieving it with the support and guidance Kareen offers as my business coach.



Kareen Walsh is a CEO, Business Growth Strategist, Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster, and Published Author. Through her 10+ years of executive coaching and consulting, she has worked with large organizations like BlackRock, Broadrige, Cherry Creek Mortgage, Oppenheimer, IRC, and Aol/Oath.

As a Growth Strategist and Start Up Adviser, she has worked with Videri, Uncorked Kitchen and Wine Bar, ideel(Groupon), Home Science Tools, and Illuminent, LLC.

Her zone of genius and ability to breakthrough the bullshit and show individuals and businesses how to accelerate growth by leveraging her practical strategies, coaching, and service model. Her ability to remove obstacles, and get to the root of what needs to happen next in order to achieve a thriving life while running sustainable growth business is what her clients are attracted to the most.  Her latest book Lead with Value shares her personal growth journey on how she built a seven figure business, and is now focused on helping others do the same through her BGM program. 

Understanding the value of masterminding, Kareen has personally invested in different levels of training, certifications, and masterminds with Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Gaby Berstein, Lisa Nichols, Lori and Chris Harder.

Her heart of service and desire to contribute has led the design of this program, so that you don't waste time and money leveraging her lessons learned and network of experts. 


Limited seats available!
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Business Growth Mastery Workshop with Kareen Walsh

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