FAST FOUNDATIONS with Chris and Lori Harder

Chris and Lori Harder are masters at helping entrepreneurs grow their business leveraging their lessons learned, their methods of growth and expansion, but most of all building a tribe that helps you grow together!

If you are en entrepreneur and not sure how to launch or grow your business, you are going to love the Fast Foundations Mastermind Chris and Lori offer as a way to launch your business and create sustainable growth. 

Soul Surgery Programs by Tracy O'Malley

Tracy O'Malley is a highly intuitive soul serving coach that can help you break old habits that no longer serve you and help you reconstruct your life by teaching you methods of how to break through cycles of disservice and build the life you truly desire. Her group and 1:1 coaching is specifically designed to help you dive deep and get the support you need to help you get to that next level of living you dream of. 

Ontraport for all Business Communication Needs

I would not be able to run my business, and communicate with all my followers, clients, podcast listeners, and readers without leveraging the use of Ontraport for all my communication needs. 

Check out how Ontraport can help you streamline your communication while sustaining a low overhead. 

Quantify Your Vision


If you are looking to get clarity on what you want to achieve next, why you might be feeling stuck, or even understand whats most important to you, download this free workbook today to get started!


September 26-29 I am hosting a Business Mastery Workshop for established business owners looking for an offsite with other entrepreneurs to map out what is needed to get their business to the next level!


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