Imagine what your business would look like if...

  • You were coached by a 7-figure-level business coach for six straight weeks!
  • You got the clarity on what steps to take next!
  • There was somebody holding you accountable to hit your goals!
  • You're connected with like-minded goal getters to walk alongside you as you step into action!
  • You had access to the kind of customized advice and attention you deserve!
  • You had the tools, knowledge, and support to accelerate your success in just a few short weeks!
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Kate Cummings Freestyle/Restyle

I so appreciate the practical how-to mixed in with the loving humor and spiritual grounding. Above all else the human TRANSPARENCY of the group and of Kareen herself. She leads by example; she's talk AND walk. Very grateful for the skills and insights I gleaned from the AYG program and members.

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Vocalist and Wellness Brand

I received so much support and feedback on the direction I wanted to personally brand myself, being a health and wellness influencer and vocalist, I realized I could be both and attract the clients I desire.

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Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell

Six weeks with Kareen learning her AYG method gave us the clarity, accountability, and clear actions to take to step into aligned action. We have moved to our dream home, attracted more business, and have avoided burn out leveraging the tools Kareen shared in this program. We are so grateful!

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About the program:

AYG Program is a 6 Week LIVE Virtual Group Coaching program with Kareen Walsh.

Each week you will meet with Kareen over Zoom and she will guide you through her business growth method and provide the direct guidance you are looking for.

This program helps you get the clarity you need to build the business you dream of at a fraction of the investment to work with Kareen 1:1.

You will learn the tools that allow you to clearly define your offeringbrand yourself for your ideal clients, map out your action plan, and get the accountability you have been looking for to jump into aligned action with ease. 

If you are tired of doing it all on your own, and looking for clear direction on what to do next to get out of your own way, this program is for you!


If you are ready for a boost to accel your growth in your business this year, what are you waiting for?

Join the 6 Week Group Coaching Program and receive direct attention from Kareen for 6 weeks!

>> STEP 1 - Clarity on your ultimate vision for your life and business

>> STEP 2 - Assess your current offerings, services, products and tweak what is needed to achieve your vision

>> STEP 3 - Build an Aligned Action Plan against your Ultimate Vision

With direct access to Kareen each week, and others in the group, you will get the support to remove obstacles and have the accountability you are looking for. 

This type of attention normally garners a $4500 investment to get this guidance from Kareen, for you, she is offering the AYG Group Coaching Program for ONLY $777. This only happens once a year! So now is the time to grab your seat. Only 12 spots available!


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Lisa Cokinos, 

LC Events

Kareen is extremely motivating and helps you cultivate your brand. Additionally, she is accessible, not intimidating which is so important for many of us who are vulnerable when taking risks and "putting" ourselves out there.

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Jeanine Pascal

Travel Experience Guide

The six-week program convinced me that I was on the right track to starting a new business. The accountability to group members as well as the shared insights were invaluable because I accomplished much more with Kareen and the group than on my own.

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Alex Street

Speaking Coach

The AYG program helped me squash my ego and jump into action to attract my ideal clients with ease. Kareen helped me get super clear on what I want to be known for, and how to translate that into an aligned business offer for my clients. 

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About Kareen Walsh

As a serial entrepreneur, executive coach, seven-figure business builder, start-up advisor, and author, my experience has made me an expert in growth acceleration. My motto has always been “minimum effort, maximum reward,” and I designed AYG to help entrepreneurs learn the tools and discipline they need to achieve precisely that.

In this starter 6 Week Group Coaching Program, I’ve leveraged all my 20 years of professional experience to give you access to the same foundational skills and insight that’s attracted my trillion-dollar clients and launched numerous successful businesses. My signature four-part methodology is designed to help ambitious self-starters clarify their vision, get out of their own way, and create a framework for lasting and scalable success. Even better, you don't have to do it all on your own! I’m here to help remove blockers and make sure you stay in aligned action to make the impact you’ve always dreamed of!

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For Every Enrollment $25 gets donated to No Kid Hungry!

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